Give new life to clothes, grow a greener earth!

By diverting clothes from landfills, we preserve resources for generations to come.

We’re all making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint

Fortunately, those efforts are making headway, and the overall amount of waste deposited into landfills is reducing. However, in recent years, the amount of textiles deposited into landfills is UP BY 1/3.

Each year, 2,000,000 tonnes of clothing are purchased, and 500,000 tonnes are sent to landfills. Research indicates the UK could generate over £23 million per year by recycling only 10% of its current textile waste.

Giving a second life to your unwanted clothing and household textiles not only extends their usefulness, it also generates revenues which could be used to benefit the education, health and well-being of those in our communities and conserves the finite resources involved in processing and storing post-consumer rubbish.

Give your helping hand


By increasing the availability of previously used clothing, you lower the need for newly manufactured garments. By recycling textiles, you decrease the need for newly manufactured industrial fibres.


By gifting a pair of jeans, you can save the over 10,000 litres of water needed to manufacture a single new pair.


By reducing the need for new textiles, you help decrease the amount of carbon dioxide emissions which are expelled from production facilities – in the UK, that’s over 3 million tonnes CO2 equivalent per year.


By giving new life to textiles, you keep them out of landfills and reduce the greenhouse gases released by decomposing natural fibres such as cotton, wool and linen.