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Beat Breast Cancer

Clothes Relief carries out house-to-house collections on behalf of Beat Breast Cancer charity. As a reliable partner with many years of experience in house-to-house collection, Clothes Relief will recycle your unwanted clothing to help Beat Breast Cancer support people affected by Breast Cancer.

If you receive a collection bag like the one pictured above please support us by filling it with your unwanted clothing, paired shoes , handbags, belts, perfumes and cosmetics. (No brick-a brac please).

Put your items in the bag and leave it outside on your doorstep on the day of your collection (usually 2/3 days after delivery). Bags will be collected between the hours of 8am to 6pm on the designated day mentioned in the reverse side of the collection bags.

If you have any queries about clothes collection then contact Clothes Relief via email on: or call 0333 577 5944 between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Beat Breast Cancer Collection Bags

Clothes Relief supports the good works performed by its charitable partners

Our giving commitment is straightforward and honest: Each collection bag will list the name of the charitable partner, as well as the amount of money we’ve committed to the charity.

Our charitable partners range from national foundations to small grassroots organizations. Over the past year, we’ve expanded our reach and we’re able to serve them all through the donations of people like you.

What’s best about it is your giving results in real cash for charity without costing you a penny. We collect clothes year round, rain or shine. There’s never a bad time for you to give.